Rose Water Refresh Spray 250ml/9oz

Rose Water Refresh Spray 250ml/9oz

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Take the pretty curly hair quiz

Our 3-step curly hair routine will bring out the best in you natural curls

                                    1. CLEANSE- 2.CONDITION-3. STYLE

Refresh your hair with our authentic 100% Rose Water and bring your curls back to life. Rosewater has a similar PH level to that of human hair and has anti-inflammatory qualities

✅To refresh your curls in between washes;
✅to re-activate styling products;
✅to reduce frizz, to add vitamin A, B3, C and E;
✅to add shine.

>Regular water typically contains minerals like calcium that can build up on your hair and cause it to become brittle. However, because rosewater is distilled it can help make your hair softer and fuller.

>Rosewater can help with reducing oiliness and dandruff. This is down to the fact it is a mild astringent (helps with constricting your body tissues)

>Rosewater is known to be an anti-inflammatory, which means it could potentially help with scalp conditions. A healthy scalp equals healthy hair


Step 3: can be used daily if you want to refresh your hair. Spray on your hair. Do not rinse out.  

This refresh can also be used to wet your curls before applying styling products.     

Rosa Damascena Flower Water

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nellie Le Heux

It gives a nicer refresh than just water, plus the nice smell that comes with it

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review for our Rose Water Refresh Spray. We're so glad to hear that it's been refreshing for you and that you appreciate the added benefit of the pleasant scent. We hope it continues to give you a nice refresh every time you use it!

Lisanne Lispet
Ruikt lekker

Ik vind dit een fijne spray om te gebruiken in combinatie met natte handen. Alleen de spray moet ik te veel gebruiken anders. Ik ga er best snel doorheen.
Moet wel zeggen dat het de ene keer beter lukt dan de andere keer om te refreshen. Maar al met al een fijn product.

Het is altijd even uitvogelen wat voor jouw specifieke haar het beste werkt. We zijn blij om te mogen lezen dat je het een fijn product vindt. Mocht je nog meer tips en tricks willen dan mag je ons natuurlijk altijd even een mailtje sturen.

Nellie Kraiem

Rose Water Refresh Spray 250ml/9oz - back 1 december

Thank you for your review of our Rose Water Refresh Spray. We're happy to hear that you have enjoyed the product. We hope you continue to enjoy our products. Have a great day!

M Haan
Feestje voor je haar

Heel blij met de shampoo, conditioner en het masker!

Een feestje voor je haar! Wat een TOP beschrijving. Wij zijn blij dat je blij bent met onze producten!