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H Hanane Bziker-El Fizazi

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Dec 12, 2023

We love all the pretty curly girls that create the best curls with our products. 

This dutch celebrity has choosen us to take care of her curls and we are beyon excited to work together with this power lady. 

Oke this Dutch celebrity always straightens her hair so when she shows her beautiful curls everybody is in shock in a positive way. We also think that she really rocks her curls and we are so proud that she has choosen pretty curly girl products whenever she wants to show her curls to the world. 


This curly influencer loves to create the most magical curly transformations using our brand. 


Inge is one of the 1st curly girls on instagram that was absolutely great in showing her techniques and has used our products so many times. When 7 curly queens had to name 1 favorite curly brand, she choosed us. Het easy way to explain the curly girl method and curly techniques make a huge difference to many curly girls around the world. 


We were one of the 1st brand she used when she started her curly hair journey and we have been "together" for a very long time. She is an expert in transforming curls with using the right products.