Why did we create the CURLY STAR line?
H Hanane Bziker-El Fizazi

Why did we create the CURLY STAR line?

Mar 26, 2024

 As any curly-haired individual knows, managing curls can be a one-of-a-
kind challenge, especially for kids. We want children to grow up loving their curls. 

We created the CURLY STAR line with 3 unique products to help kids love,
celebrate and care for curls from a young age. Our products are formulated with the CG method in mind to keep curls healthy, hydrated and happy without harsh chemicals.

All our products are free from:

● sulfates,
● parabens,
● drying alcohols,
● silicones,
● mineral oils,
● and palm oil.

With 98% natural ingredients, they are also cruelty-free, vegan, and
available with fragrance or without for those with sensitivities.

There is more:
Adults can join in the fun too! Curly Star products are perfect for curly heads of all ages, making them a family favorite.
CURLY STAR is more than just hair care; it's about a deep love and
confidence in natural curls. By making kids feel special and teaching
them the importance of embracing their natural texture, we are moving
into the future where curls are celebrated and LOVED!
Together we can nurture a generation of confident, curly-haired
individuals who know their worth and beauty. Join us in this beautiful
adventure, let's give every curly kid the feeling that they are a curly star!  


Made by Pretty Curly Girl you know Curly Star has been made with the same love and care.